Officially, systemic project management and its practice was alien to the majority of Ghanaians during the early days of the formation of the Chapter which dates back to 2008-2009 until it was finally chartered in 2011.

In fact, the few that had heard of project management attributed it to be for only the construction sector. At the time, even name “The Project Management Institute” was virtually unknown even among most practicing professionals including as architects, engineers, surveyors etc.

The Journey to Becoming a Chapter

After several attempts at PMI for a Chapter in Ghana, some few individuals who perhaps kept putting consistent pressure on PMI were connected somehow to one other person by PMI.

George Don Arthur was introduced by PMI as the principal contact for the formation of the PMI Ghana Chapter. Unfortunately, George couldn’t honour several planned meetings due to his personal constraints at the time. Living and working in the US whilst coming down now and then for the Chapter formation meetings among others.

George Don Arthur later introduced Dickinson Agyapong-Bempa, who took up the mantle locally and help led the attainment of the objective.

Meetings were arranged and held at several locations mostly in the offices of colleague steering team member under the able leadership of Dickinson. Members of the Steering Committee took great pains to prepare, write, review, revise, and make presentations etc. until the final approval for the Chapter to be chartered on 11th October 2011.

Co-Founders (Chairs)

  1. Dickinson Agyapong-Bempa
  2. George Don-Arthur

Founding Members (Steering Committee Members)

  1. AJ Collier (Founder PMI CLG)
  2. Augustine Harrington-Nunoo (1st Steering Committee Member)
  3. Ebo Yawson
  4. Sena Afi Agyepong
  5. Kwaku Frimpong
  6. Sandra Osei Poku

PMI Chapter Mentor

Deji Ishmael (Region 8)

Chapter Administrator

Ahmad Moghrabi

Executive Advisor

Kola Sonola

Special Projects Volunteer

Hector A. Boye