PMI Ghana chapter recognizes its volunteers on National volunteers day

Founder's Day is a national public holiday observed in Ghana to mark the birthday of the first president of Ghana, Osagyefo Dr. Kwame Nkrumah. It is also observed as a national volunteers day to celebrate all volunteers in the Ghana. 

As part of PMI Ghana chapter's celebration of the national volunteers day, the following hardworking volunteers are were commended for their continues support to the chapter as volunteers.

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Ms. Theodora Oduro - Branch Leader, Kumasi. She is part of the Membership portfolio.Thank you madam for your continuous support to the Chapter.

Mr. Isaac Biney - Branch Leader, Takoradi. He is a part of the Membership portfolio. Thank you sir for your hard work. We appreciate you.

Mr. David Ahadzi - Branch Leader, Tamale. On the Membership portfolio team. He has been with the Chapter/Tamale Branch for years and is contributing his quota. If you are in the Tamale area, get in touch with him to develop the Branch.

Mr Frederick Oware - Director, New Member Programs. He is also on the Membership portfolio team. Thank you sir for your sacrifice to the Chapter. 

Godfred Sabbih - Newsletter Editor. He works under the Secretary’s portfolio. The Chapter is working to bring you regular Newsletter on PM related news. Join me to appreciate Godfred. 

Mr Larry Marcus - Director, Sponsorship. He works with the Sponsorship & Marketing portfolio. 

Dr. Jane Ansah - Director of Certification. She is a part of the Professional Development Portfolio (PDP). Her dedication to the Chapter is commendable. Let’s appreciate Doc for her great work.

James Hammond Jnr. - Graphic Designer & Photographer. He is a team member of the Outreach Portfolio. Thank you for your support to the Chapter. 

Mr Edem Banibah- Coordinator, Educational Outreach. He is a team member of the Outreach portfolio. Let’s appreciate him for his dedication to the Chapter.

Mr. William Yamoah - Coordinator, NGO, Local & Central Government. Part of the Outreach portfolio. We appreciate you sir

Mr. Charles Boako- Aggrey - Coordinator, Corporate Business. He is with the Sponsorship & Marketing Portfolio. Thank you sir for your contribution to the Chapter.

Ms. Bridget Jumoke Yaa Lafenwa- Director, Communications. She is with the Outreach Portfolio team. Her passion for all things PM is inspiring. Thank you madam for your dedication to the Chapter.

Sadik Shahadu - Website Administrator extraordinaire. He is with the Outreach Portfolio. Let’s appreciate Sadik.


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