How to Join or Renew Membership

Becoming a member of PMI and PMI-GH Chapter is a wonderful experience, and interestingly simple. Firstly, you must be a member of PMI global then you automatically qualify to be a member of the Ghana Chapter at an annual membership fee of USD30.00 excluding bank charges.

Membership is open to everyone irrespective of colour, religion, race, gender, disability, tribe or country. In order to assist you, kindly find below, account details and the amounts required to enable you join/renew the PMI membership as well as joining the PMI-GH Chapter. If you require any other clarification, kindly let us know.

Join PMI

Bank Account Details;

  • Bank: UT Bank
  • Account Name : PMI Ghana Chapter
  • Account #: 0301301000100
  • Currency : US Dollar
  • Branch : Airport


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