What is your view of Projects in general? Every idea, policy eventually ends up in a project which is translated into a reality.

Therefore projects are the main waves of transformation of every national company or public development.

Unfortunately as a nation, I think we’ve not done very well with our project management.  And It’s one of the fundamental national development challenges.

The main issues have to do with the design of the project; much does not go into planning of the project. And also the question of implementation (lack of standards, accreditation eg. PMI, quality of people who are involved in the projects). It’s high time the project management system in the country is professionalized. Therefore the work of the Ghana Chapter together with the Global PMI body will go a long way to help in this regard. 

One main issue is the issue of corruption in the nation. If proper project management practices are adhered to, I think the most of the public projects could cost less 40% of the project costs. There is also the issue of wastage. Also the Chapter should also emphasize the aspect that project is not only about physical structures like construction works and the likes. Service delivery and management which is very poor in the country is also project and hence more light should be thrown on that as well. I am very happy to serve on the board of the Advisory council of the PMI Ghana Chapter. If we want to contribute a little bit it will be to improve project management; deal with the delays and wastages and improve national development. There is nothing more rewarding than that.


What are some of the processes/principles to transform a dormant institution to a vibrant one?

The basic principle is commitment: see the project you’re involved in as a contribution. People must also be made to understand that not adhering to the right principles and standards have their consequences.



Professor Stephen Adei